Harrisburg Revival Event, 3 Christian Music Groups, Benefits Uganda Charity 9/19/18 Harrisburg, PA, Sept. 19, 2018 – Three Christian music groups from Harrisburg, PA & across the country are gathering for “Coming Home – Revival 2018” a revival event on Saturday, Oct. 13th. It will be comprised of two revival sessions (1 PM & 7 PM) at The Forum Auditorium in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania located in the State Capitol Complex. The all-day evangelistic outreach will feature two live, spirit filled music events with prayer teams and a short message on the Gospel of Jesus at the end. Doors will open one hour in advance for praise & worship led by Brian Villers. “I’m so excited that there is a vision to impact Harrisburg, to make a difference in Christ.  I’m so excited that we have local leadership that is stepping up and making this happen.  God is going to be so present and we will be amazed at how God acts,” said Pastor Jan Hughes of Aldersgate United Methodist Church regarding the upcoming revival event. The revival event will be free of charge and will feature music from well-known Christian artists: Love & The Outcome, Curvine Ministries, and The Harrisburg Revival Choir led by Karen & Thaddeus Gatling of Harrisburg, PA. It will close with an encouraging “prodigal son” message by Julian Awad with the opportunity for prayer requests and a call to follow God. While the event is free, a free ticket is required and can be obtained here:  https://revivalharrisburg.eventbrite.com or at the door if available. It is recommended to RSVP or obtain a ticket in advance. “This revival gives us, the church, the opportunity to come together throughout the tri-county and beyond, to really unite and do some serious work for the “Kingdom of God!” I am looking for this to be a life changing event, not just another church event” stated Pastor Bill Kerney, President of the Black Minister’s Association of York. Proceeds from the event will support mission work in Uganda by the International Bible Institute & Learning Center (IBILC). The IBILC is currently helping build schools, churches and raise Christian leaders in Uganda through English lessons, Bible study, & vocational training. “No matter where I go in the world, people seem to be searching for hope, peace, love, and a purpose,” said IBILC board member Julian Awad, who recently returned from work in Uganda. “We believe that all of these needs can be found in Jesus and we’re looking forward to sharing that message with the people of the greater Harrisburg area and beyond.” The “Coming Home – Revival 2018” effort will be guided locally by the IBILC, in cooperation with a partnership of inter-denominational area churches and Christian leaders. Christians will be spiritually recharged by this event with effects long after October 2018. But those that haven’t met the living God will have an opportunity to learn more and hear the Gospel in the music and words of the artists, ministers, and speakers. There will be prayer teams for those seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. The event is for anyone that has been looking for a purpose in life, wondering if there is a God, looking for more to life than material items or those curious about what happens after we die. If you have these questions, are feeling lost, or if you believe in God already, you are invited to come for a spiritual awakening on Saturday Oct. 13th. The events have a limited amount of tickets available for each event. The same artists will be performing at the afternoon and the evening events. Please visit RevivalHarrisburg.eventbrite.com or HarrisburgRevival.com for all details.   About the International Bible Institute & Learning Center (IBILC): From its headquarters in Harrisburg, PA, the IBILC focuses on international ministries and evangelism in Uganda and the United States. We focus on partnerships in different countries to leverage the power of God’s church, working together to raise up Christian leaders. For more information, please visit https://10000leaders.com. . Media Contact: Julian Awad 10000leaders@gmail.com

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